What up great white north? Biggest win in Raptors history and headed back to the states with a 2-2 series – that’s what’s up.

This is actually happening. How much am I feeling Canada this morning? I slapped a sim card back in my old blackberry. I’ve been track wheeling and brick breaking like a boss all morning. Just dropped some pins to Alan Thicke, Bill Shatner, Sid Crosby and Donovan Bailey. I’ve already got a six-pack of Molson Ice in the fridge for Friday. And you know we’re bumping some Rush up in here all day.

I know the real deal isn’t until July 1st, but today feels like Canada day. Because the Cavs team that was 10-0 in the playoffs, went 0-2 when they crossed the border.

How did that happen? Pretty obvious, isn’t it? With a 6-foot banged-up point guard and a backup center. Kyle Lowry didn’t just remember he’s Kyle Lowry. He turned into Steph Curry. And one more earth-shaking block from Bismack Biyombo, they’re going to make him prime minister.

Let me say this again. I love that the Raptors don’t care, and I love that they don’t quit. They don’t care that they’re not supposed to be here. And they didn’t quit after 2 games when it looked like they shouldn’t be here.

“Striving for greatness” is not bragging to a camera about how you’re still working out after back-to-backs. It’s defending your home floor after you’ve gotten embarrassed in back to backs.

There’s almost nothing more tired than the “nobody believes in us” card. I’ve seen it played by some team every postseason, in every sport. But I’ve never seen it played better than the Raptors. Their only problem now is that people actually do believe in them.

And I know who should believe in them right now – Bronny and the Cavs. Bron played 46 minutes. They brought it. And they still got beat.

Remember like 5 minutes ago when everybody was asking how in the hell are the Raptors going to win a game against the Cavs? Now it’s feels like how are they going to lose one. Because Cleveland, I think we can agree on this. All the mo is with Toronto.

If the Raptors somehow roll into your house, take Game 5, and the series goes up to Toronto – it’s not coming back to Cleveland. I don’t even know if LeBron is coming back to Cleveland.

Nobody saw this coming. The NBA didn’t want to see this coming. Drake didn’t see this coming. I didn’t see this coming. And if we’re being honest, Canada, you didn’t see this coming.

But this is happening. Blow me up on my curve and let’s rap about it. Strive for greatness. War the north. Exit the warrior. Respect the Raptors.


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