Clayton Kershaw doesn’t get nearly enough credit. Yeah I said it. 5 All-Stars. 3 Cy Young’s. More money than some countries. And yet the guy still deserves more respect.

He’s become the example of an athlete so dominant that he spoils his own fans.

Kershaw threw his 3rd shutout last night. Not of his career. Not of the season. Of the month. And it’s like, eh, so? He’s Kershaw. He gave up not just one, but two hits? That’s not even news. It’s like Kershaw turning another team inside out has become one of those news stories that people just gloss over.

Manziel threw a punch at a club. Ocho Cinco wants a job on TV. Deflategate’s gonna land in some circuit court somewhere. Clayton Kershaw threw a complete game shutout. Borrrrrrring.

It’s like when Mayweather was taking fight after fight without getting touched. Or when the Warriors were winning every game by 20+. Or Ronda Rousey was tapping every fighter in under a minute.

Put somebody in there who can actually compete with these people!!

Who like, Brandon Philips, Yoenis Cespedes, Mike Trout? Somebody like those guys? Because those are the guys Kershaw has mowed down this month.

Here’s how I know he’s not getting enough credit: I’m not even giving him enough myself. Because outside of those 3 shutouts, he also has 2 wins this month where he went 7 and 8 innings. He has 5 wins, 3 shutouts, and 2 walks in the last 23 days. But it’s like the internet won’t even click if it’s not a perfect game.

He’s been so good, that Kershaw stories on your screen are like ads for Viagra or the local singles in your area who want to meet you.

Even if he does throw a perfect game, the reaction will be like- what, only 9ks? You gotta feed the beast with somethin better than that.

And here’s the ultimate lack of respect- never mind you, me, and everybody on the internet, Kershaw doesn’t even get credit from his own boss.

Kershaw deals last night….. And @magicjohnson has up a tweet about he and Cookie at a book signing! Erv will tweet mundane statistics about anything… And yet he won’t tweet squat about his own guy giving up 2 knocks over 9 innings.

Dude could strike out 27 in his next start and barely even trend. While Bryce Harper is batting .252, this horse in LA is the one making baseball great again.




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