Normally I hate to say I told you so, but this morning I’m glad I get to do it. Draymond Green will not be suspended for toe-bashing Steven Adams’ crotch.

So tonight we get to watch the Warriors at full strength in Game 4.

I know there are people in Oklahoma who hate this. Tweeters going with Draymond Groin who are furious about this. As the official spokesman of team content – let me assure you that we love this.

Because the NBA hadn’t even made the announcement yet, and Draymond & Russ were already pulling pins on grenade to chuck at each other.

For those who think the NBA has gone vegan… We actually got some grass-fed beef yesterday between two stars.

Russ says Dray did it intentionally. Dray says Russ is one of the guys who’s responsible for acting in the NBA. Russ says he has no idea how to flop and that Draymond is just taking the heat off himself.

I say I can’t wait for Russ’s first drive to the basket tonight when Dray’s standing on the low block.

We need some of this. The NBA playoffs need some beef. As backwards as MLB can be sometimes, you know that if a guy gets thrown at twice – the benches are clearing the next day.

Steven Adams has gotten nad-kicked twice. That’s even worse. I’m not predicting the Thunder take revenge tonight and hit Draymond with an onion blast. But I am saying I want to see how they react.

And nobody outside of OKC wants to see Draymond on the bench in a suit.

Put it this way – Draymond and Russ might be the two most passionate players in the game. They’re both first-time all emotion. And right now they’re both bent. I still don’t think Dray launched that jump kick intentionally. I like that the league didn’t suspend him. I love that a decision by the league office is not going to decide this series. And team content is popping bubbly.

Everybody’s going to be watching this game now. Draymond shouldn’t be watching with us. We are fired up he’ll be on the floor, team content supports him. And I do too.

But if he goes groin shot in 3 straight games, big fella’s on his own. And it says here, he won’t.

Just know the league is not ripping a star player off the floor in a critical postseason game, unless there is irrefutable evidence that he did it on purpose. And there’s not. They’re making the right call.


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