Typically it takes Rex Ryan a couple months into the season to get on the wrong side of the media. This year his team has pulled it off during OTA’s.

The beat writers up in Buffalo are bent because the team has a new policy that prohibits them from tweeting out updates from the practice field. They’re allowed to be there. They’re just not allowed to tweet what they see there.

This policy bans them from tweeting anytime a quarterback throws a pick, or a receiver drops a pass.

My question: it’s the Bills. What else are they going to tweet? And I love that a Rex Ryan team is trying to put a cap on publicity. It’s what the guy lives and breathes for.

Hey – don’t any of you be tweeting if Tyrod Taylor throws a pick in 7-on-7… But did you get a load of the Bills paint job on my pickup truck??

Anybody who tweets about a Shady McCoy fumble will get kicked out of here… Hey remember when I wore a Clemson helmet to a press conference?

Listen up media; don’t go airing out our business to your followers. This team is about staying down and keeping things low-pro. You guys check my skydiving video? Did you click like?

Wanna get a shot of my new Andre Reed jersey and the foot picture on my desk? Tweet that!

The only good part of this policy is the way the writers are skirting it. Buffalo News beat writer Tyler Dunne tweets; a qb just threw a pick-six on this first pass in 11 on11. It wasn’t Taylor or Jones.”

ESPN Bills reporter Mike Rodak: “a former bills running back who wore no.34 and might be a member of the pro football hof is watching practice today.”

I actually like these new riddle tweets even better. Even if it’s so rich that the Bills are the team rolling like this.

Neither of the Ryan brothers will ever shutup, but don’t you dare think about sharing what’s happening at practice. It’s so Rex it hurts. It just doesn’t seem right to ban reporters from dropping a tweet from the practice field, when the head coach poses with a picture of feet on his desk.

Where’s Wes Welker when you need him.


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