You know what they say-  you are who you roll with. Which is why it’s surprising Johnny Manziel’s not a doctor, because it sounds like his crew is a bunch of brain surgeons.

According to TMZ, Manziel’s friends are “concerned” about him, thinking he might need help, and worried if he continues this path, he might end up dead.

Oh you think so doctors?

You don’t need to be his friend to know that. You just need to see a picture of him. Guy looks half dead already.

He’s gonna die? Thanks for the update, his Dad told us that months ago.

You know that soundbite you hear from athletes who had a really tough upbringing – They say if they didn’t get out, they would have wound up in jail or dead. That’s Manziel right now. Only he didn’t even have a tough upbringing.

You know he’s a flaming mess when the best thing that could possibly happen to him is going to jail. Better that than the morgue. There are no clubs in jail. You can’t mix up a batch of Prison Fireball in your cell. The only bars are the ones keeping you in.

And as of right now, Vegas won’t even LET him in. TMZ cites what it calls a high-powered nightclub source who says,  “He’s too much of a risk. He’s a good guy, but he’s a (bleeping) mess.”

You know how bad of mess you have to be to be a that famous and NOT allowed in their club? Those joint feed off celebrities; they PAY them to come to their club; and they won’t even let Johnny in.

He’s a bleeping mess? Who at a Vegas club ISN’T??? Then again, he’s reportedly tooting lines of the sugar in front of people he doesn’t even know. Doesn’t even have the common courtesy to excuse himself to the restroom and blow his nose candy like a gentleman.

I wish I could say nightclubs not letting Manziel in because he’s too much of a mess is rock bottom, but it’s not even close. Because after nightclubs, then you drop down to strip clubs. Then you drop down to brothels. And then your only option after that is a crack house behind the Stratosphere.

Remember when the Browns drafted him on a tip from a homeless guy? Now Manziel is a few bags of coke away from BEING one.

I’m telling you – the best Manziel headline we could read right now is that he’s going to jail for a while. That’s the only way friends and family are going to stop him from trying to kill himself one day and one party at a time. They’ve tried everything else. And we all know how this story is going to end.

I have never seen an athlete, go that far off the rails, that fast. I’ve seen guys get caught up over and over again. But never like this; never this fast. I’ve never seen a guy throw away a career this quickly and risk his life the way Manziel is right now.

Shutting it down, drying out and somehow making it back would make for one of the best stories ever. But would anyone, anywhere, take that bet? I’m not.


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