And once again, how about Eddie Donovan? To the question of  – Can this guy make it in the pros? Guy’s making a joke of the pros. And that’s why I’m not going to make a joke about Eddie.

I have no idea if Butch Patrick was trending last night. But I know “Thunder in 5” was way up there.

I did not see “Grandpa” sitting courtside. But I did see Eddie once again coaching off his backside.

The man is one game away from dusting the team that was supposed to sweep through the playoffs.

Remember what seems like years ago, when all the playoffs were supposed to be nothing more than a staged lead-up to the Warriors-Spurs series the world wanted? Well in the last 7 games, Eddie’s guys have beaten the Warriors and Spurs 6 times. He’s treating some of the best teams ever – like they’re an opening round 15 seed.

Respect Edward. He’s earned more than yet another set of Mockingbird lane cracks from you.

Because you know who obviously does respect him? Every dude playing for him. You know how hard it is to come from the college game and get a couple athletic Aliens like KD and Russ to do what you tell them? How many dominant college coaches have made the NBA jump and gotten punked? Almost all of them. Eddie’s looking to rip a title as a rookie.

And it’s not like he’s doing it in the East, either. Ed’s just notching his belt with guys who have rings on their fingers. In his first playoffs ever – he took out Rick Carlisle, a helluva coach, in 5 games.

Then he did Pop, maybe the best coach ever, in 6. And now he’s trying to end the MVP, the Coach of the Year, and the team of the century in their own house. It’s crazy.

Vinsanity, AI and 45 think Eddie D is having an insane rookie season. And meanwhile you just want to call him the Munster kid.

Some free advice: Focus more on Donovan doing Popovich and Kerr, less on him coming from Lilly and Herm.

I’ve got your back, Eddie. Don’t sweat this, Edward I got you.


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