Hour 1

Come On, Toronto | Steph Curry Hatred | Townsend Bell (Indy) Interview


Hour 2

Frank Gore (NFL) Interview | Golden Ticket Try | Golden State Wants Some Of Chuck


Hour 3

Jose Canseco’s Timeline | Buck Showalter (MLB) Interview | Week That Was



Townsend Bell

Indy Driver on if he ever got his bike stolen at UCSB: “freshman year.”


Frank Gore  

Indy running back’s motivation: “Ring.”


Buck Showalter

Baltimore manager on Manny Machado’s attitude: “He wants to be as good as he can possible be.”



NBA Slaughter Rule

Some real quality NBA entertainment last night. No really, Game 5 in Cleveland was competitive for AT LEAST a minute and 30 seconds.
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Buffalo’s GM Needs The Gag Order

Earlier this week the Buffalo Bills tried to slap a gag order on media members.
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Easy On Steph

Check twitter. Turn on the radio. Stick your head out the window. You’ll hear it. The Warriors are fake tough guys. Golden State Sucks. They’re overrated, overhyped, overexposed, and Steph Curry is nothing but a fake poser who’s getting his nose broken.
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Warrior Fan’s Beer Muscles

Everybody loves beer. Everybody wants muscles. Nobody wants to have beer muscles.
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Jose’s Legendary Tweet

Jose Canseco’s Twitter timeline is one of those that you can’t pay attention to very closely or you’ll lose your mind.
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