Info & Stats: Baltimore Orioles Manager

All Topics: 2016 Season | As a manager you can’t live in the highs and lows world of a long baseball season | American League lineups | Team pitching | Manny Machado | Machado’s talent | Carlos Correa | Machado playing shortstop | Turf nowadays | His mother passing away | Relationships | Coaching in relationships |

May 26th 2016

Buck on Manny Machado’s attitude: “He wants to be as good as he can possible be.”

July 22nd 2014

All Topics: Adam Jones’ two home runs last night | Jones competing in the Home Run Derby | Jones plays the game hard for nine innings | Jones being very hard on himself | Trade deadline approaching | We know who we are | Nelson Cruz being a great teammate | Cruz made a mistake last season | You can’t short cut success | Bill Parcells | Not taking things so seriously | Sometimes the best managing you do is the managing you don’t do | John Riggins |

Buck on Adam Jones: “No one plays the game harder for nine innings.”

May 20th 2013

All Topics: Yesterday’s game, foul call | Instant replay in baseball | Educated guesses from umps | Going by guys’ reactions | Thinks umps would embrace more instant replay | The human element argument | Tie goes to the runner is not true | 5 game losing streak | Timing in a baseball season | Tampa Bay is a good baseball team | AL East | Facing C.C. Sabathia | Adam Jones | Jones’ motivation | John Harbaugh | The positives about the baseball season | There’s no Cinderella in baseball | A great morale in the city right now | Baltimore is a sports town |

Buck on fluke teams: “There’s no Cinderella in baseball.”

May 09, 2012:

Buck’s thoughts on Josh Hamilton hitting four home runs off them last night: “I’d like to say I was honored to be there but I would have rather been in the stands.”

Aug 09, 2010:

Topics: Weather talk | New job | 1st time managing since 2006 | So far so good with new gig | Why not Baltimore? | Baltimore is the St. Louis of the East; great fans | Atmosphere in Baltimore | Playing well quickly | Be the best you can be everyday | Limitations of young players | Off-season work | Learn from your mistakes and take nothing for granted | Baseball’s a grind | Effort should never go in a slump | There’s no Cinderella’s in baseball | Wearing number 26 | Johnny Oates | Managing in New York | George Steinbrenner | Hunger in Baltimore |


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