Earlier this week the Buffalo Bills tried to slap a gag order on media members. They should do the same thing to their general manager.

Watch your step, there’s hot lava dripping off this take from Bills GM Doug Whaley “it’s the game of football. And injuries are part of it and it’s a violent game that I personally don’t think humans are supposed to play.”

Not since Miss Teen South Carolina told us that she “personally believes” thee Iraq, therefore, education, maps, such as…… Has someone expounding their personal beliefs needed to be ripped away from a mic.

Dude doesn’t think humans are supposed to play football? HIS JOB IS TO SIGN HUMANS TO PLAY FOOTBALL! That’s what he’s paid to do.

So what – he doesn’t believe that grown men should play football.

In fact he’s against it. But hey, it’s a good paycheck, nice benefits and a ton of vacation. Can’t beat it.

This would be like me, cracking the mic one morning and saying – Personally, I don’t believe people should be listening to the radio. It’s bad for you. Fills your head with things you don’t need. Turn off the freaking radio and pick up a book, you’ll be better off. Unwar Radio.

I wonder if Whaley gives this spiel when he’s trying to land free agents. “I don’t think you should be playing football at all. I think you should retire from football, immediately. But if you’re willing to sacrifice your well-being, your mental health and probably several years of your life, then we’d love to have here up in here in Buffalo.”

Humans aren’t supposed to be playing football? Who is then – lab rats?

Maybe Whaley believes in those studies that show how mammals like rams and certain birds are genetically designed to take impact to the head. I just don’t’ think you’re going to sell out the Ralph by rounding up some woodpeckers and strapping little football helmets on them.

Thing is, Whaley might even be right. Football is a barbaric game. Maybe humans aren’t supposed to play it. But high profile employees of football teams aren’t supposed to SAY it.

And it’s so very Buffalo Bills that just days after banning the media from tweeting, they need to ban their own general manager from speaking.

Don’t tweet that somebody dropped a pass in practice, but meanwhile Dougie thinks we should cancel the whole league.

Update from Orchard Park: The head coach wants a foot in his mouth, the GM needs one.


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