Tonight the Warriors fight for their basketball lives, and the knives are already flying. Check twitter. Turn on the radio. Stick your head out the window. You’ll hear it. The Warriors are fake tough guys. Golden State Sucks. They’re overrated, overhyped, overexposed, and Steph Curry is nothing but a fake poser who’s getting his nose broken.

All of that is getting gas bagged, and none of its true.

First of all – half the people slamming the Warriors haven’t even WATCHED the Warriors. And they’re not overhyped-  they won more games than anyone, ever.

You think they’re not going to get talked about? Steph hit more 3s than anyone, ever. Think that might be deserving of a segment or two? I’m going to say this again – if you have a problem with Steph Curry, your problem is with you.

Exactly what do you not like about this guy. A small dude, from a small college program, who gets everything out of his ability, who’s a great citizen with a nice young family.


But what – he shoots too many 3s? What – he should move in and take more 2s because he’s ruining the league? You don’t like that he hangs his mouth guard out of his gap? Ooooh! Mouth guard etiquette, what a scumbag!

I get LeBron haters. I get Kevin Durant haters. There’s almost no athlete I can think of whose hate I don’t get it. Except for Steph.

You know what people hate about Steph? That there’s nothing to hate.

And of course, because you feel like he’s been stuffed in your face. Then turn off the TV. If you don’t like watching Steph Curry… Then you don’t like watching sports.

You know what the worse part is? A lot of it is coming from Spurs fans. Your guys have been on a beach for over a week. Why do you have anything to say? I thought San Antonio was supposed to have the dignified fans who have 5 championships and can take a loss with some class. It feels like they want Golden State to lose more than they wanted their own guys to win.

Look, the Warriors have been the second best team in this series. No doubt. Because they’ve run into 2 of the top 5 players in the sport. That doesn’t mean they have glass jaws, it doesn’t mean they’re overhyped, and it definitely doesn’t mean that they “suck.”

And as always, if you’re the one tweeting that – I’d be willing to bet you feel like your life does.

It’s a holiday weekend… Your life won’t improve if the Thunder finish the Warriors. But get outside and take a 3 day break from the hate, and you might feel a little better.


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