Jose Canseco’s Twitter timeline is one of those that you can’t pay attention to very closely or you’ll lose your mind. It’s an insane candy land of bizarre tweets and thoughts. Lenny Dykstra’s new timeline thinks Josie’s is an acid trip.

But Canseco dropped something this morning that I loved. That judging from the retweets, everybody loved it. Because it’s probably… No definitely… The funniest baseball play ever. Not hyperbole. It really is. Jose’s tweet this morning: “23 Years ago today I bounced a homer off my head.”

Has it really been that long already? That makes us all feel old.

Because we all remember where we were for certain moments. Kirk Gibson going legend off The Eck.

Moises Alou screaming down Steve Bartman at Wrigley. And Texas Rangers outfielder Jose Canseco taking a fly ball right off the coconut and bouncing it over the wall for a homer. Off the dome and OUTTA here.


So good. I’ve always thought that Kevin Mitchell snagging the ball with his barehand in left was the most badass catch I’ve ever seen… but Josie trying to catch one with his head is by far the most hilarious.

The time he pitched at Fenway and ended up getting Tommy John Surgery can’t believe he nearly concussed himself at the warning track.  That Rangers cap that the ball bounced off… Was autographed and sold at auction. I’m not memorabilia guy. But I would rather have that headshot cap than an original Babe Ruth bat. That’s a real piece of baseball nostalgia.

Years and Years before he shot off his finger… He took a head shot from a sniper. It became a home run, it became history. And so I say to happy anniversary, Josie.

Guy hit 462 home runs, but we’ll always love him for baseball’s only DOME Run.


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