The Warriors go the Finals, Kevin Durant goes to free agency, and 29 NBA teams go into a feeding frenzy.

It’s one of those special summers when a top 5 player hits the market, it’s like a 10 getting divorced and hitting the singles bars. And every goober trying to land her hits the gym, the salon, and the plastic surgeon.

Can’t wait to watch team stumbling all over themselves to seduce Kevin Durant into giving them a shot.

You can throw them all into nice little categories: Bad teams in big markets like the Knicks and Lakers who’ll tell KD all about the exposure he’ll never get in OKC. Good teams that he can make great like Miami, and Boston. And then ridiculous teams that already ARE great like San Antonio and Golden State.

There are meetings going on right now as I speak about what gimmicks and Hashtags teams are going to use to land KD. I mean, if teams will throw up billboards and pay Hollywood directors to land guys like Dwight and Melo – they’d sell their souls for a thoroughbred like KD.

D-Bags on the Bachelor who show up with costumes and poems think the NBA suitors are going to make fools of themselves. Especially since the betting favorite to land him is the team that already HAS him.

Hate to wet blanket this horse race, but if I’m KD’s agent I’m imploring him to stay in OKC. I’m lying down in the driveway behind his ride so he won’t back out.

But what a wild ride it’s been. Back in February when they were losing 8 of 12, he was gone. Then they turned it around got into the playoffs and got shot at San Antonio, and it looked like maybe, he might be open to staying, maybe even leaning towards it. Then the Spurs curb stomped them in Game 1, and he had a foot out the door. Then they went right through the Spurs and then had the defending world champs beaten, and it looked as if he could walk right off the floor and sign a new deal before the Finals even began. Then the choke down, and now he’s back home, trying to cope with a loss that will stay with him for the rest of his life.

So now what? Your life, your money, KD. But I really don’t see anyone who can give you more or a better situation.

You’re a demigod in OKC. They’ve got the big stacks and give you as good chance to win the ring as anyone else. If y’all don’t melt down and implode in Game 6, you might actually have been wearing that ring in 2 weeks.

But go ahead and let everyone wine and dine you for a couple of weeks. And tell you how great you are. But when you really look at it, you’re not going to find a better situation. They can pay you the most, you’re a legend in a market you like and you CAN win it all there; and probably should have this season.

And if legacy means anything to you, bouncing now, will look like you couldn’t win where you are and needed to join forces with someone else to do it. No names mentioned. LeBron.

Your call. Your decision. But I really don’t think it’s that hard. You stay where you are.


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