Never mind that old thought about punching a bully in the nose. Sometimes you have to smack them on Twitter.

That’s what Jim Harbaugh just did to the Nicktator.

Nobody talks back to Emperor Saban. He runs his empire down in Alabama where he wins national titles and browbeats reporters who don’t fall into line. We’ve seen it 100 times.

But we never see another dude who swings a big stick go upside the Tator’s head with it.

Here’s what we know – Harbaugh LOVES him some satellite camps, because it brings the Michigan football brand into enemy territory. Sabes hates them… Because it brings Michigan football into HIS territory.

So Sabes got all ranty yesterday, saying they’re bad for college football, and added: “What’s amazing to me is somebody didn’t stand up and say here’s going to be the unintended consequences of what you all are doing.”

Remember that word – Amazing. Because Jimbo did.

He let his thumbs go and responded like this: “Amazing to me – Alabama broke NCAA rules and now their HC is lecturing us on the possibility of rules being broken at camps. Truly “Amazing.”

And so is that. Because what Harbs is saying there… Is- Oh, we set up little camps to check out some young players? Well your assistant just resigned because he was a crooked recruiter. #Amazing.

Really the only thing missing there is a link to the story.

Harbaugh doesn’t always win these Twitter fights. He got knocked out by Zeke Elliot when he tried to crack the Buckeyes. But he just iced the Sabes. Somebody had to do it. Because Nicky isn’t against satellite camps because they’re bad for college football… He’s afraid of them because they’re bad for ALABAMA football. He’s afraid of the quote “consequence of what y’all are doing” because those consequences are Harbaugh out recruiting him and plucking a playmaker from his turf.

And he sounds ridiculous whining about rule breaking when his own dude is resigning for doing it.

Saban can’t just set up that Coke bottle and grump his way through some response. Harbaugh hit him where it counts on Twitter. Granpda Sabes isn’t even ON twitter. I don’t even know if he has email. I just know we have to get Harbs and Sabes on the same field so Nicky can hit him with a What’s Your Deal? Now that would be truly Amazing.


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