As their battle to become QB1, the Eagles quarterbacks have become BFFs. And all the way here in California, you can smell the BS.

A QB competition is always ock-wood. There’s nothing normal about standing right next to a guy you’re competing with for hours and hours. But it’s 10x more ock-wood when Sam Bradford demands a trade, doesn’t get it, and then has to compete with Carson Wentz who got drafted to take his job.

But to listen to these dudes? It’s been GREAT! It’s not only good competition; they’re becoming really good friends.

Listen to Bradford just vamp about his best bud. “Carson, he’s been great. He’s a great kid, he’s really talented. It’s been fun working with him, trying to help him, trying to just share bits of information that I’ve picked up.”

No it hasn’t. You’ve hated every second of it. That’s why you wanted that trade- so you didn’t have to do it.

Helping someone take your job is not fun. Somebody who is going to get you fired – is not your friend.

And check out Wentz the rook picking up the NFL lingo like an old pro. “We’ve got an awesome quarterback room. A lot of really good discussions about the playbook, about life.”

I’d love to put a glass up against that wall and hear those conversations about “life.” But I already know what they are. Or what they should be. Life can throw you curveballs. Sometimes you think things are going great, then you don’t perform well and your boss brings in a younger, more capable replacement to get you fired. Life comes at you fast man. You feel me, Sam?

And of course Wentz thinks they have an “awesome quarterback room.” He’s the only guy who’s going to be staying in it. And it’s only a matter of time before he’s running it.

I bet he is having the time of his life. My only advice would be to ignore those bits of “information” Bradford’s feeding him. Things are different than the college game, Carson. I would know, I won the Heisman when you were like, 5. In the NFL… You have to trust your receivers. So if you’re ever rolling out of the pocket, just chuck it back across the middle and let your athletes make a play.

The last thing I would do is listen to Sam Bradford. If Bradford knew what he as doing, Philly wouldn’t have had to draft Wentz in the first place. And the only honest conversation Bradford will have about the playbook is when he’s told to turn it in and clean out his locker.


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