You may not know this. But our crack research staff here at the Jim Rome Show have unearthed this fact about Jets Quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick- he attended Harvard University. Even stranger- he was an Econ major.

Which is why I’m surprised he doesn’t grasp the basic concept that says –  You are worth what the market says you’re worth.

Fitzpatrick is rolling with the Jets like he’s overseeing some kind of bidding war for his services. The two sides are engaged in a 3-month staring contest over his contract, and Fitz seems to think he’s in high demand. Like he’s the 5-bedroom with a backyard in a good school district. But he’s not.

Because no one else is offering. The market says he’s the 3-bedroom condo with street noise.

Fitzpatrick had a nice little season, by his standards. But he’s not exactly Aaron Rodgers. If he was, he’d have other offers. He’d have all cash offers. This stalemate with the Jets would have been broken up by a 3rd party in 5 seconds and he’d be in OTA’s right now. But he’s not.

Because he’s Ryan Fitzpatrick, the bearded poster child for average NFL quarterbacks.

Why would the Jets pay him one more nickel than he’s worth? Answer- they wouldn’t. They’re impressed so little with his game, that apparently they’re willing to go battle with Geno Smith this fall.

And you know what they say- keep emotions out of negotiating. Well at least things aren’t getting chippy between these two camps: According to the New York Daily News- team sources including players are saying Fitz is considering taking less money to middle finger the Jets and play with someone else.

And you know what they’re going to say? GO AHEAD THEN.

Go make less money to play with a team with half the weapons we surrounded you with, which by the way, is the reason you had your best year ever: and maybe even ride the bench for your SEVENTH team. See ya.

Sam Bradford demanding a trade thinks Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to remember who he is. Nick Foles no-showing OTA’s out of protest is starting to think this is a bad look for him. The market is laughing at him.

And apparently no other NFL teams really want to be in business with him. Don’t tell me he should dig his heels in, it’s a quarterbacks’ league. No, it’s a GOOD quarterback’s league.

And if Fitz was going to get some white-night new buyer with an all cash offer, it would have already happened.

Just do what everybody does who sets their sights too high – take the haircut, drop the price, and remember that the Market is always right.


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