Golden State and Cleveland get after it tomorrow night, but I’m already seeing gasbags get it wrong. Stop calling Warriors and Cavs a “rematch.”

This series is not a sequel. It’s barely even a remake.

Because that team that lost last year was barely even the Cavs. A “rematch” is when two great fighters beat the hell out of each other and run it back.

This is not Ward-Gatti 2. Because Arturo Gatti didn’t enter the ring for the first fight with a broken hand and a case of gout. Cleveland did last year.

I know Rematch and Revenge sound like good buzz to slam in a tweet. But before you do, go back and look at that triage of a Cavs team.

It’s not just that you’ll see DNP next to Kevin Love and Kyrie. You’ll see 27 minutes next to James Jones. You’ll see 42 next to Matty Dellavedova. And you’ll see “David Blatt” next to Head Coach. That was not a Finals team. That was a lottery team with one Deception named LeBron carrying them.

The fact that he got that crew of grandpas and rag-taggers up 2 games to 1 on Golden State might be more impressive than the two titles he won with the Heatles.

There is no sign of that team. Delly? Mozgov? James Jones? Those guys were their ringers a year ago, now they can’t even get on the floor.

And Fighter Pilot Davey Blatt is becoming the first coach in history, to go in one year from leading the NBA Finals to leaving the country for a job in Turkey. That’ll tell you how overmatched that Cavs team was.

Who do you think is better to lead the Cavs in the Finals? A man who got pulled out of a league in Israel? Or Ty Lue who has actually played in the Finals and guarded The Answer? It’s not even close.

These Cavs are no joke. They are dangerous. They’re healthy. They’re rested. They’re loaded. This Cavs team would roll 2015’s Finals team by 30. And that’s why I’m giving them the respect of saying they’ll lose in 7.

The Warriors are so good, and LeBron loses in the Finals so often, it would be easy to write them off in 5. But if they could battle Golden State to 6 last year with that joke of a roster, they’re going to fight to the death in 7 with this juggernaut.

I think it’s going to be an NBA bloodbath. But stop calling it a rematch. And only sequel LeBron is doing is called Space Jam.


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