Somehow Brock Osweiler has something in common with Michael Jordan. Both guys skipped the White House visit after winning a championship.

But while it was ockwood when 45 didn’t show up with his teammates, it would be ockwood if Osweiler DID. Because the Broncos aren’t even his teammates anymore.

I know that this is supposed to be some kind of controversy, but I don’t see it.

Osweiler should show respect to the President? Sure, but not before he shows respect to the Texans. Osweiler says “I feel it’s important to be at practice with my new teammates. It’s a new offensive system for me and every practice and rep is important.” He’s not wrong.

And President Obama’s not paying him 37 million guaranteed. And Bob McNair isn’t paying him that money so he can bust out of OTAs and stand by himself in the Rose Garden. And that’s exactly what he’d be doing.

You want ockwood? Let’s not forget how things ended in Denver with Osweiler. With him stiffing the Gangster John Elway and the team that just won a Super Bowl… To join a team that just lost 30-0 in the wildcard game. If you’re bent that Osweiler isn’t going – I can promise you the Broncos aren’t.

It’s not just the right move to stay in practice, it’s the only move. When Brock signed with Houston, he texted every teammate on the depth chart. He flew his wideouts and his backup to Arizona to work out. He can’t look them in the face and get on a plane to DC so he can watch his old team give The Prez his 900th jersey with “Obama #44” on the back. His new Texans teammates don’t’ want him going. His old Broncos teammates don’t want him going.

The only people who should be truly upset about this are Obama’s staff of zinger writers. Woo boy they were going to go to town on “Benedict Osweiler.” Just one more reason for him not to go.

The whole experience would be non-stop sucking up to Pinkie Mallard, and shin-kicks for Osweiler. You don’t get married and then peace out during the honey moon to go hit a party with your ex-wife. I don’t care how good the party is.  He’s not going to the White House. He’s going to work. And it’s the right choice. I’m Jim Rome, and I approve this message.


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