Golden State is now 3 wins from going back-to-back… and I have a question after Game 1: Are Steph and Klay even going to dress for Game 2? Because the Warriors didn’t need them to last night.

If that’s how this is going to go, then Steve Kerr can just give his guys the weekend off and rest their legs to close out in Cleveland.

Shaun Livingston, Iggy and Barbosa have got this. That’s why I’m calling BS about this nonsense that the Warriors rolled the Cavs with their “stars” not even playing well.

I’ll ask again – have you watched the Warriors even once before last night? The guys who did the Cavs last night aren’t scrubs. And they’re not role players. They’re ballers. And stars in their own right.

Livingston doesn’t even start but he’s better offensively than half the ones who do. And a nightmare match up. Dre Iguodala is the reigning Finals MVP. And Leandro the Brazilian Blur can still run a 4.3. Last night the “Splash Brothers” were a set of triplets, that all came off the bench… but take it from me; take it from Bron, Bron, who was asked, exactly what happened: “What happened? They scored 45 off the bench. We scored 10. That’s what happened.”

Stack that on the list of reasons those guys are “overdogs” this series, Bron. And also on that separate pile of reasons the Warriors aren’t just a two-headed circus performer who hits three-pointers: Because they have a full crew of guys who can hurt you, aside from the two best shooters alive.

Here’s a quick rundown of the big strikes landed last night: Draymond kicking Kyrie right in the chest. Steve Kerr smashing a grease board like a black-belter breaking bricks at Karate class. Matty Delly saying g’day mate to Iggy’s grapes. And the Warriors bench swinging a 2 x 4 in the Cavs face.

Sure, it was just one game. And that was just the Warriors holding serve. Or at least try telling to yourself, Cavs Fan. Whatever works for you. Just know this: that was a HUGE opportunity. And your guys let it slip away.

The Cavs have to steal a road game in this series, and they’re not going to get another one where Steph & Klay aren’t even really in the building. They just got beat by backups. They just lost to Golden State’s guest hosts.

Let me put in terms you can understand, Cleveland. It’s almost like your Browns losing to the Steelers if Landry Jones was under center.

What’s next – you lose to the Ravens with Matt Schaub as their starter? Wait a second – that already happened!

So now would be a pretty good time to panic. Klay didn’t even crack double digits, and Cleveland still lost by double figures.

This is the series we’ve all been waiting for, and what we get is a beatdown in Game 1, when the Splash Bros did almost nothing at all. I don’t expect the Cavs to just roll over and die. But it’s hard to believe in Cleveland’s Big 3 when they can’t even beat Golden State’s 2s.


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