The stink coming off Cleveland isn’t from the Warriors giving them a beating. It’s because it looked like the Cavs didn’t even give a bleep. It looked like they weren’t even there.

Nevermind the starters getting benched for most of the 4th quarter, they didn’t even compete during the first 3.

Quick roll call for the Cavs: Kyrie Irving – he’s supposed to be the difference maker. He’s here to be the ring bearer. 1 assist. 3 turnovers. He didn’t make them better than last year- he made them worse.

JR Smith-  the gun for hire who was going to trade 3-bombs with Golden State. If this series was going to be the shootout at the OK Corral- Swish was going to be their ace-in-the-hole Doc Holliday. And the guy’s made 3 buckets in 2 games. Dellava-freaking-Dova has scored more than Swish!

And there’s LeBron – for a guy who loses in the Finals pretty much every single June, you’d think he would know better by now than to show up and lie down. Everybody in basketball is always hyping LeBron’ INCREDDDDDIBLE “Basketball IQ.” So what’s your conclusion after that curb-stomping, Steven Hawking? “I’ve got to be better.” Bravo, Professor!

If anybody’s waiting around for LeBron to snap, get mad and realize he’s about to lose his 5th Finals- it’s not happening. He’s not going to say enough of this bleep and start wrecking the Warriors single-handedly. This is not that guy. Never will be. Sure the turnovers last night were terrible. But his body language was even worse. The guy looks beat. He sounds beat. And he hasn’t even played a home game yet.

At times last night, 35-year old Richard Jefferson looked like the only guy who really cared out there.

For any Cleveland fan trying to talk themselves into its nothing more than Golden State holding serve, and that it’s the first one to four, not two, you’re begging. The Cavs are outclassed, outmatched and worst of all, outworked and out hearted.

You’d think after that first game beatdown, they’d have a couple of days to stew on that; that a look that embarrassed should have fueled them up. That they would have come out looking to knock someone out. But the absolute opposite of that happened: There was no injury, no heart, no effort, turnover after turnover, missed layups, they couldn’t finish anything, they had no semblance of an offense and no leadership whatsoever. What I’m telling you, everything is not going to be just fine when you get home.

The defending Champs are who we thought they were, but you’re not. You’re a team that got fat beating on the likes of Detroit, Atlanta and Toronto. Come to find out, the Western Conference Finals were the de facto NBA Finals.

I’m not saying you’ll get swept. But it wouldn’t surprise me. And I am saying there’s no way in hell you win four of the next five.

And while I’m not saying it will be LeBron’s fault when you do lose, this guy has to do a helluva lot more to help. More to get himself going and more to get those around him going.

Don’t be conned by his stat sheet the last couple of games. Those numbers don’t tell the true story.

But his obvious frustration and body language do. He barely looks and sounds like someone who wants to be out there.

First one to four? The only 4 he’s thinking about are – Melo, CP3, WOW and Himself mounting up on that banana boat about a week from now.

So you can stop waiting for LeBron to flip a switch and take over. Because “we are all witnesses” to an all-time roll over.


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