Huge weekend for bedazzled V-necks, distressed jeans, blending your anti-depressant pulls with your protein shake, and ringworm.

I know it’s the last thing the old guard of boxing fans wants to hear right now, but we’ve had a full on MMAgasm since Saturday night.

Here’s what we know: McGregor-Diaz two is actually happening. That rematch will go down at UFC 202 on Aug 20th. And that’s great for two reasons. Not only do we get a sequel to a really good fight, we no longer have to hear about that ridiculous make-believe McGregor-Mayweather fight.

And while we wait for that, Brock Lesnar is coming back to MMA and fighting Mark Hunt next month at UFC 200.

How about Lesnar just going back and forth between fake wrestling and real fighting like it’s nothing? I don’t’ think he can just walk into the octagon and finish Hunt with a couple clotheslines and an F5. Just as I don’t think he could leap back to the WWE and break John Cena’s jaw with a right hand.

But it’s awesome news for those of us who like MMA way more than WWE.

There was a time a few years back when Lesnar was the biggest draw in the sport, he still might be in the biggest dude in the sport, and I know for a fact that “Linkin Park Ringtones, maxing out your 31% APR credit card on bottle service, and prepaid wireless” are fired up for it.

Oh, and there was also a bunch of fights on Saturday night. No big deal, just Michael Bisping shocking the world and icing Luke Rockhold in the first round to become middle weight champ at 37 years old.

Love it, hate it, or think they’re all just on the ground humping each other. MMA can generate more juice in one weekend than some sports can in a year.

And if you don’t’ believe me – just ask Drag Racing in front of Elementary Schools, replacing your grandmother’s pain pills with tic tacs, repossessing sports bikes, shadow boxing between sets at the gym, wearing shorts to a wedding, getting kicked out of little league games, clinical strength dandruff shampoo, yelling at your girlfriend in public, chronic bacne, canker sores, staph infections, and pink eye.


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