Info & Stats: Orange County Register Los Angeles Clippers Beat Writer

All Topics: NBA Finals | Cleveland’s frustration being down 2-0 | Teams needing to be perfect on every possession to beat Golden State | Steph Curry and Klay Thompson haven’t even gone nuclear yet | Cleveland being so disorganized | Cleveland’s bench is going to have to show up at home | Steve Kerr’s job | Golden State’s defense | LeBron James | James needing to attack the rim | Kevin Love’s future in Cleveland if they lose in the Finals

June 6th 2016

Dan on Golden State: “A historically great basketball team.”

Jan 27th 2016

All Topics: Another strange Clipper moment with Blake Griffin’s injury | Griffin’s injury has a tremendous impact on the team | Griffin and equipment manager Matias Testi fight | Still unclear on how the Griffin-Testi altercation started | Testi’s background | Testi is a part of the Clippers social circle | Testi not being a big guy | Griffin’s future with the Clippers

Dan on the possibility of the Clippers thinking about trading Blake Griffin: “It’s probably more on the table than it’s ever been.”

July 9th 2015

All Topics: DeAndre Jordan contract saga | Jordan saga playing out on social media | DeAndre agreeing to a verbal deal with Dallas last Friday | Clippers had moved on from Jordan over the weekend | Jordan having a change of heart | Jordan probably should have called Dallas and told him he was backing out | 29 other teams would have done what the Clippers did to get Jordan back | Mark Cuban | Thinks Cuban is fuming at Jordan and the Clippers | Chris Paul and DeAndre Jordan’s relationship | CP3 is very demanding | Frosted tips

Dan on the DeAndre Jordan Dallas-Clippers contract saga: “This was 100 percent a recruiting story, and he flipped.”

Apr 28th 2015

All Topics: Clippers vs. Spurs series tied at 2 each | Game 4 | Kawhi Leonard | This Clippers team has matured a lot | This is the year to make the run for the Clippers | Austin Rivers Game 4 performance | Clippers not being able to guard Leonard at all | Kevin Love injury | Cleveland without Love | Love brings floor spacing to Cleveland | V. Stiviano Instagram photo | V. Stiviano’s pictures should be subscription based

Dan on the 2014-15 Clippers: “This is a team that’s matured a lot.”

Apr 16th 2015

All Topics: Western Conference Playoffs | Clippers drawing the Spurs in the first round | Portland having the fourth seed with the sixth best record screwed everything up | Spurs intentional foul strategy | DeAndre Jordan’s free throw problems | Kawhi Leonard | No one has an answer for Leonard | Leonard is the truth | V. Stiviano having to return money to Shellie Sterling | MVP | Steph Curry’s season

Dan on if he expects to see San Antonio’s intentional foul strategy against the Clippers: “Absolutely.”

Oct 30th 2014

All Topics: The vibe around the Los Angeles Clippers | Steve Ballmer’s improvements | Ballmer’s HARD CORE credo | Clippers’ defense | Doc Rivers making basketball decisions | Clippers’ preseason rebounding issues | Chris Paul | Paul’s playoff performance vs. OKC | Paul won’t find his redemption tonight against OKC | The Western Conference is a minefield

Dan on the Western Conference: “It’s a minefield.”

July 10th, 2014

All Topics:  Sterling’s day in court | Reaction to pig statement in court | How Sterling looked | Suing the NBA | Money he thinks he could get | David Stern | Being taped in home | Being delusional

Dan on Sterling’s “pig” comment: “One of most bizarre things I’ve ever seen.”



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