Maybe the worst three words in sports: “Early Sunday morning.” Those words have killed reputations, ended careers, and they just bit Broncos corner Aqib Talib.

Because on “early Sunday morning” – Talib got himself shot.

But at least Talib put a unique spin on the early Sunday morning story. No he didn’t. He paired it with the second worst three words in sports “Outside a club.”

Talib was shot outside a Dallas club, and is reportedly doing fine.

According to ESPN, a bullet entered and exited his leg, without hitting any arteries or ligaments. Talib traveled to the hospital in his Rolls… And ended up leaving with only stitches.

Gotta me kidding me. Did he roll right back to the club and order another bottle like nothing happened? One Stop, One Shot, there’s a better party and we’re not at it.

I don’t’ know exactly what happened, in fact there’s even speculation that Talib might have accidentally pulled a Plax and shot himself. Again, I don’t’ know. But here’s what I do know. Just a year ago he and his brother were at a club, reportedly in an altercation when shots were fired. Now we’ve got more shots fired, and one of them going right through the leg he makes his living with. I get that the club is where the action is, and athletes must feel like Gods when they roll into one… But how about when they get stretchered out of one? Every athlete looks cool sitting at a corner table in the back of the club. Nobody ever looks cool in an ambulance with a bullet wound. Even if that ambulance is a Rolls Royce.

Everybody likes to do shots. Nobody likes to GET shot. Talib has put his career back together, trying to get to his second Super Bowl… He’s already gotten to his second club shooting.

I don’t know – maybe you mix in a Monopoly night? Or maybe you have some friends and ladies over, crank the music, and shoot some expensive booze in your own house? It may not be the same, but it’s still way better than having someone else shoot you in their house. Or you shooting yourself in their house. Allegedly.

Because that’s two for him. Two shootings. One exit wound. And for all he knows the next one could be upside his head.

If I’m getting shot outside a club “early Sunday morning” I’m signed up for Netflix and Hulu by Sunday afternoon.


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