The Warriors are halfway to another parade. The Cavs have one foot in the grave. And the biggest winners in last night’s game – Draymond Green and David Blatt.

Because the fighter pilot had to be watching that disaster in his Turkish hotel room at 4 in the morning laughing his ass off.

I can’t even blame him. Blatt got fired and banished to Istanbul, and his old team gets to stay and be embarrassed in Oakland? Blatt had a 2-1 lead on the Warriors. Blatt won a game in Oracle. These Cavs haven’t even bothered to show up for one.

Kevin Love got concussed, but it looked like the entire team should be thrown into the protocol. Hell, I felt concussed on my couch just watching that garbage.

Who didn’t? Watching the Cavs gave us all the symptoms: The game looked kind of blurry, things were moving in slo-motion, we felt like throwing up, and we all forgot where we were. Because we were supposed to be watching the NBA Finals. That wasn’t a Finals game. That was barely a basketball game.

It was a Golden State team on a mission and a Cleveland team on early vacation. No competition. Never in question. Just awful.

It’s not that Cleveland is losing that I have a problem with. It’s how they’re losing. I get that Golden State is the better team. Much better. They have beaten the Cavs 7 times in a row. My issue is Cleveland just rolling over, and having the Warriors reach into their chest, rip their heart out and show it to them. That’s a straight punk job.

Some of these guys look like they have never played basketball before. And never want to play ever again. And none of them, showed any heart whatsoever. The fact, that they lost the first two games by a combined 48 points, most ever for the first two games of the Finals, tells you that.

But you know me; I’m always looking for something positive in any situation. So give the Cavs this; at least they’re not letting the Splash Brothers wreck them.

It’s great that the Warriors have the league MVP and one of the greatest shooters ever in Steph and Klay, but it’s not like they need either one of them to win this series.

And a quick shout-out to whoevers asleep at the wheel in Cleveland’s scouting department – but Draymond Green can shoot, bro.

That whole strategy of just leaving him wide open- it’s going to get your head cracked open. And it did. 5 times.

I don’t know; maybe you put a hand in this guy’s face? Maybe have a defender close out to him occasionally? Halfway to a sweep, and the lasting image of these Finals is the NBA MVP geeking on his teammates hitting threes in a game where he’s not even needed. In a SERIES where he’s not even needed.

The funniest and easiest question I’m seeing this morning is – Could the Warriors beat the Cavs without Steph? I won’t even answer that one. Could they beat Cleveland without Klay AND Steph? And from what I’m seeing the answer is hell yes. They can stomp them.

Give me one more beatdown and I’ll bench Draymond and Harrison Barnes too.

I knew these series could never live up to the Western Finals. There’s no way it was going to be that good. I just didn’t know the Cavs were going to be this bad. And last night’s effort, or lack thereof, put the entire country in concussion protocol. The United States and Kevin Love are both now  “day-to-day.”

And the Cleveland Cavs are DOA. They’re getting humiliated on the Finals stage. And Davey Blatt is having a party in the minibar.


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