Hour 1

R.I.P Kimbo | Kimbo Slice Reaction | Somebody Hacking Into NFL Twitter Account 


Hour 2

NBA Finals Game 3 Preview | 2016 Smack-Off Invites So Far | Karlos Dansby (NFL) Interview


Hour 3

Dansby On Manziel Reaction | Charlie Blackmon (MLB) Interview | Sean Payton (NFL) Interview



Karlos Dansby

Cincy linebacker on how life is: “Pretty good. Jim, I’m blessed.”


Charlie Blackmon

Colorado outfielder’s goal: “Get on base for the guys behind me.”


Sean Payton

Saints head coach on his new contract with New Orleans: “Realistically this was the place where I saw myself finishing my career.”


Rest In Peace, Big Guy

Hate to do it, but I have to say it. 2016 has been just a brutal year for celebrity deaths.
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Uncle Drew Needs To Show Up

Game 2 is tomorrow night in Cleveland, and I have a question for Kyrie Irving- Are you going to be there, bro?
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What In The World Happened To Aqib

I think we’ve all woken up after hitting it hard with some unfamiliar nightclub bracelet and a hangover, but we don’t’ wake up at home with a hospital bracelet and an exit wound.
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