Info & Stats: Head Coach New Orleans Saints

All Topics: Busy off-season | Kentucky Derby | Mr. Benson having two horses in the Derby | Giving the ‘Riders Up’ Call | New contract with the Saints | Outside opportunities | Family in Dallas being close | Drew Brees turning 37 years old | Hasn’t seen any drop off in Brees | The amount of wideouts Brees has worked with over the years | Greatness | Will Smith | Coaching Smith |

June 7th 2016

Sean on his new contract with New Orleans: “Realistically this was the place where I saw myself finishing my career.”

Sept 9, 2014

All Topics: Sunday’s loss | What went wrong | Drew Brees time left | Ray Rice video reaction | Getting video | Bringing in Ray Rice in future | Formula Four water | Fight gone bad

Sean on Ray Rice video reaction: “Obviously disturbing. The initial reaction was anger.”

Mar 10, 2010:

Topics: Looking down from the top of the mountain | Feelings | Preparing for next year | Executing an unbelievable call with onside kick | Would the on-air call be happening now had the kick not worked? | Darren Sharper getting clean-up work done | Scott Kooistra leaving for the Browns | Final thoughts.

Oct 22, 2010:

Topics: Instructional video the NFL sent out this week on hitting | Biggest challenges on hitting | Proper technique | Players reaction | Shots to the head | Protecting defenseless players | 2010 season struggles | History told us, this year would be challenging | Plenty of changes | 4-2 | Playing better now | Attention to details | Championship impacting the team | Human nature element; once you have achieved a title | Hunger | Leadership in the locker room was in our favor | Finding ways to win | Drew Brees | Brees on 3rd down | Comparisons from last season | Drew’s ability to win | Good quarterback play | Turnovers | Defense is still getting after the ball well | Energy | Tampa Bay last week | Effort

Nov 11, 2011:

Sean on being a head coach: “As teachers our job is to motivate.”


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