Game 2 is tomorrow night in Cleveland, and I have a question for Kyrie Irving- Are you going to be there, bro? Because I know you weren’t there at Oracle. Not really.

LeBron lied after the last loss and said he wasn’t disappointed or frustrated. Because how could he not be? He put this team together, he packaged himself and Kyrie together – and then his winger has gone and disappeared on him. Of course he’s disappointed.

Who could blame him? You want frustrating – Bron’s trying to battle Warriors pack of thoroughbreds, and the youngest/most athletic teammate he’s ever had is showing up with nothing. Brick City in Game 1. F-minus in Game 2.

Nobody needs to come bigger in Game 3. Because right now, no Cav is playing smaller. Dude can’t make a shot… can’t guard anyone… and isn’t taking care of the rock. That has to change and it has to change immediately.

It has to be the night of Kyrie. Because this was supposed to be the SERIES of Kyrie.

Jump back one year, LeBron’s playing the most impassioned ball of his life, breaking his back to carry Cleveland to a 2-1 lead. And all the chatter was, Damn – imagine if he’d had Kyrie. They could have actually won that series. Well he’s got Kyrie now. And they look like they’re about to get swept in this series.

But again – he DOESN’T really have Kyrie now. He has some guy who dribbles a lot, misses a lot, is a liability on D, and isn’t making anybody better. How in the hell does an NBA point guard play 33 minutes and have ONE assist? If Kyrie’s going to roll like that, he better drop 30 points. He dropped 10. That’s how a team as talented as Cleveland loses by 33.

LeBron hasn’t done enough. But Kyrie hasn’t done anything. Uncle Drew ain’t walking through that door.

This year in the Finals was supposed to be different with Kyrie, but after 2 games the Cavs looked better without him.


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