I’m trying to really hard to figure out what in the world happened to Aqib Talib… and so are police, and so is he.

One of three victims in a Dallas area shooting over the weekend, initially it was reported that the Broncos corner was shot “early Sunday morning” outside of a club.

But in speaking to police, Talib reportedly made it sound as if he really didn’t know what happened. One report places him in a park at the time of the shooting. Another had him outside of a club. Still another says that the gunshot wound was accidental. And there’s still a ton of chatter that he may have even mistakenly shot himself.

So clear things up, Aq.

Well, he can’t. Because according to WFAA-TV Dallas, the dude told police “Everything was a blur, and I was too intoxicated to remember what happened.”   

My man, you were so plastered, you don’t remember getting shot???  Bartender – I’ll have what Aqib Talib is having.

We’ve all had bad nights. We’ve all had blackouts. Maybe you forget where you parked your car. Or you forgot your credit card at the bar. You forget the name of the girl you’ve been macking for the last 2 hours. We all have had those things happen. But you don’t forget that moment when somebody blasted hot lead into you. That doesn’t happen.

At least it shouldn’t. Again – I’m willing to meet Talib halfway. I cast no stones for forgetting certain details. How the hell did I get home last night? Where did this Carl’s Junior come from? Did we really swim in that fountain? Is this tattoo real? I get it. But you don’t wake up on the bathroom floor after a bender, look down at you leg and say-  DANG!  Gunshot wound?!  How did this happen dudes?? That doesn’t come up during the recap session at breakfast.

Again – everybody who’s ever hit a bar has gotten too sloshed to remember doing shots. Aqib Talib is the first dude to get too housed to remember getting shot.


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