Shouting out to all former NBAers… Is there anyone left who hasn’t checked in to say you would have rolled the Warriors back in the day? You only have a couple more games to let everybody know how Golden State would have gotten punked back in your day, so get on the air, get out that tweet – because everyone REALLY wants to hear how you would have rolled the Warriors during your glory days.

It’s great stuff. No they don’t. And no it isn’t.

The worst part about the Warriors dominance isn’t even the hot takers, it’s the former players.

Scott Pippen has dinged them all season. Now Erv is jumping in to say his Lakers were better. And Shaq says his ’01 team would handle them. The Diesel said this week that it doesn’t even matter whether they played with 2016 rules, or 2001 rules, the Lakers would still beat them.

These takes always such an eye roll from the old timers. And you ever notice how their old teams they’re hyping get way way, better with time? Shaq- the Warriors lost 9 games all season. You guys lost 6 out of 10 at one point. You don’t think Dray and The Splash Bros could beat you? A.I. and 4 nimrods off the street took a game from you at Staples Center in the Finals.

The better question is why am I getting caught up in this? These fatted out older players sound like a bunch of Merc Morris’s at best… And a bunch of comic book basketball nerds at worst. I refuse to sit here and wonder if Derek Fisher could stay with Steph Curry, or wonder how Rick Fox would handle Draymond. It’s no different than zit poppers at Comic Con arguing how Wolverine would handle Spiderman. It’s make believe BS that’s never going to happen.

But you put enough mics in these guys’ faces, and then all turn into old fossils sipping tea in their rocking chairs saying this Warriors team wouldn’t win 10 games back when basketball was basketball.

I just want ONE guy from the 80s or 90s to come out and say “For real- these Warriors are insane. They would have blown us right off the court. I’m glad they weren’t around in my day, because we would have gotten humiliated. #fullrespect.”

But they don’t. And at this point, it’s not going to happen.

We can already see it – the Warriors can finish this sweep, and the chirpers will still be hanging an asterisk on them and saying they did it in the softest era ever.

I don’t know how a Warriors-Lakers series would go; and neither does anyone else.  More importantly, I don’t care.

Stop putting Golden State into other eras and take 1 second to respect them for totally owning this one.


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