As we wait to see if the Cleveland Cavs have any fight in them, we all saw that the Baltimore Orioles have plenty. Especially Manny Machado, who attempted his best Rougned Odor impression on Yordano Ventura’s head.

Once again, this was not a dust-up, fracas, a scuffle, or a kerfuffle. It was an MLB donnybrook that Ventura was begging for.

Machado doubles in the first… Ventura buzzes him in the 2nd… There are words exchanged… And then in the 5th, Machado gets 99mph right in his back and ring the freaking Springer bell.


Not only did Machado win that fight – he had every right to jump into it. This isn’t even baseball code. This is guy code. This is self-respect. In fact, this is self-defense.

Somebody goes 99 into your back; you can’t just take your base. It’s the baseball equivalent of a drunk in a bar breaking a bottle over your head. There is not a gentlemen’s move at that point. It’s go time.

Quoting Machado teammate Adam Jones “Screw it, defend yourself. Someone is trying to hurt you, you go out there and defend yourself.”

Especially if that someone is a stick of dynamite like Yordano Ventura. This dude is serial.

He started a brawl against the White Sox. He’s cleared the benches against the A’s. Think a guy might have some anger issues if he’s getting in Mike Trout’s face? The next time Trout flips his bat or shows somebody up will be the first, and yet there was Yordano clearing the benches and ready to fight him last season.

It’s become such a bad look for the dude. His manager Ned Yost admitted the rest of the guys are even getting frustrated with his act.

Of course – because he doesn’t have to pick up a bat, and they know one of them is going to have to wear a fastball for him. Of course they’re sick of his act.

Ventura said through an interpreter after the game that the pitch got away from him. Yeah, so did the fight, Yo.

Quick thought, if you’re going to keep dotting and mean mugging dudes… Maybe you hit the weight room? Maybe you slam some protein power and take in a boxing lesson. At least a kick-boxing class. Maybe an MMA lesson or two. Because you may be able to throw 100 miles an hour, but you look like you weigh about a hundred and 50.

Yordano Ventura has started a bunch of fights, I’ve yet to see him finish one. For a guy who’s really good at pegging dudes, he’s really bad at punching them.

They are the reigning world champs. This cat’s act is way beneath them The Royals don’t want to roll like this. And if they have to keep bailing Ventura out, the next dude he fights will be one of his teammates.


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