Hour 1

NBA Finals Game 3 Reaction | Elvis Andrus (MLB) Interview | Kevin Love’s Status 


Hour 2 

Cam F. Awesome (Boxing) Interview | Awful Call From Canada | Chad In LA Calls Back


Hour 3

Jim Kelly (NFL) Interview | Willie In KC Gets Ran | KB Talks Smack-Off With Jim



Elvis Andrus

Texas shortstop on meeting Adrian Beltre for the first time: “I was a little intimidating.”


Cam F. Awesome

Boxer on why he started the profession: “Lose weight.”


Jim Kelly 

Hall of Famer on what gets him through tough times: “Faith, Family, Friends, and Fans



Peaches And Cream

I’d like to officially welcome the Cleveland Cavs to the NBA Finals.
Click Here for Entire Take

Game 3 Loser’s

The Warriors, The Gamblers, and the dude on the Cavs making 21 million dollars.
Click Here for Entire Take

Ultimate Test For A Gangster

John Elway is the NFL’s gangster and he’s got himself in a money war with one of his own players.
Click Here for Entire Take


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