Rounding up Game 3’s losers: The Warriors, The Gamblers, and the dude on the Cavs making 21 million dollars.

Last night was Kevin Love’s biggest loss since getting bounced by Memphis in the Final Four. Because he had to sit there with a concussion and watch how much better the Cavs are without him.

And here’s another take that I hate: That how the Cavs handle Kevin Love for Game 4 is “complicated.” It’s actually pretty simple. Tomorrow night – He suits up. He warms up. And then he sits down. Sorry not sorry. Least complicated situation ever.

Hell no, you don’t put Love back in the starting lineup. Hell yes, it’s jacked up that 35-year old vagabond Richard Jefferson is way more effective right now than a 27-year old max contract star. But it’s just a matter of math.

With Love, they lost by 33. Without Love, they won by 30.

I said it myself even when the Cavs were getting housed in Game 1 and 2, at times old man Jefferson looked like the only dude who was bringing it out there. He’s been an animal. No way you take him off the floor.

Even in that blowout, the Cavs bench was still pretty punchless. They need some firepower. They need somebody to come in with the second unit and fire back against Shaun Livingston and Leandro Barbosa. You know, like a 6’10 three-point splasher who might have something to prove coming off the bench.

Kevin Love is a smart guy. He knows what time it is. He came back to Cleveland because he wanted to win. And if he thinks their best chance for him to win another game is putting him back in the starting lineup, then dude is still concussed and should stay in the protocol.

Because I’ll tell you who gets last night’s gameball. It’s not Kyrie, it goes to Harrison Barnes. His People’s Elbow is what got Richard Jefferson into the starting lineup. Ty Lue’s job is to keep him there.


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