I’d like to officially welcome the Cleveland Cavs to the NBA Finals. They showed up fashionably late… by about a week, but I hope they take off their jackets, have a seat and actually stay a while.

LeBron called Game 3 Do or Die, and then he and his wingers decided to choose DO.

They roll by 30. They rip literally the biggest win in Cavs history. But don’t wake up this morning and start tweeting “Now we’ve got a series!” No we don’t.

We have another Do or Die game Friday night. Because Cleveland down 3-1 headed back to Oakland is not a series. A 5-game loss is not a series.

The only sense of relief – is that this thing isn’t going to be a sweep. The Warriors did not roll like champs like last night. They have to wear that. Steve Kerr kept calling them soft. Draymond said they rolled in like everything was “peaches and cream.”

They took the floor in beta mode like their opponent was already dead. But that’s because for those first two games the Cavs were a corpse.

That juice they had last night, that aggressiveness from J.R. Smith, that passing from Kyrie, LeBron screaming at the scorer’s table… Where the hell was any of that up at Oracle? If Cleveland had showed up with even half of that, THEN we’d have a series.

Just because a team has a pulse doesn’t mean we have a series. Golden State came back from down 3-1 to OKC. Got to think they’re not panicking about being UP 2-1 against Cleveland.

The Warriors have lost every Game 3 in these playoffs. They lost to the freaking ROCKETS. And they lost this one because they mailed it in last night and grubbed their peaches and cream.

If C-town runs that back, and the Warriors mail it in again Friday, then we have a series. What we have now, is a desperate Cavaliers team that came swinging in their own barn, and the Warriors taking the night off.

Great. The Cavs took a WEEK OFF. Lose tomorrow and they can take the rest of the series off.

Big win. Great night. Cleveland finally chose Do instead of Die. Now in Game 4 choose it again or you’re dead.


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