John Elway is the NFL’s gangster and he’s got himself in a money war with one of his own players.

Going to war with Von Miller is the ultimate test for the Gangster. This is Tony having to whack his nephew Christopher. This is Henry Hill squealing on Paulie. And Don John is on the verge of losing this war because there’s reportedly a possibility of Miller sitting out the entire season in order to win it.

The Broncos and Miller can’t agree to terms on a long-term deal, and according to Yahoo Sports, Miller could pass on his 14.1 million dollar tender for 2016, sit out the whole season, and then show up in 2017 when the CBA prohibits the Broncos from franchising him.

It’s a complicated play. It’s a crazy play. And Von Miller is just weird enough to make it. John Elway can’t let him.

I know Elway has a brass set. And he doesn’t blink. But I also know even Elway can’t enter a Super Bowl-defending season minus his two top quarterbacks and his best player.

You can go to battle with Mark Sanchez. You can’t do it without Von Miller. This is not the rusty old Mallard. This is not Brock Osweiler, This is arguable the league’s most dominant player, and the guy who gave the Broncos Cam Newton’s head on a  platter.

Pinkie may have gone into the book as the quarterback of record in the Super Bowl. But anyone who knows anything about football, knows Von Miller was their actual quarterback. And that their defense was their offense, and the dude in the glasses is the guy who ran it. You pay him. You keep him. You win with him. Because you can’t replace him.

Elway’s been through it all… Firing Tebow, benching Manning, that’s what makes him the gangster. I get it. This is the guy who had to go 98 yards in the playoffs and didn’t even break a sweat. But even a Mob Boss knows when to take a loss.

Elway cannot lose Von Miller. Or I think he’ll finally get blasted eating onion rings at the diner like Tony.


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