Forget Making Baseball Fun Again… how about MLB actually makes suspensions matter?

Because right now – if go 99mph into some dude’s back, you get 1 game for it.


That’s the real suspension of Yordano Ventura. Manny Machado just got 4 games for punching him.

But you’re probably reading that Ventura got 9 games for dotting him. That’s not really true. He got 1. Because that’s how many starts the guy will actually miss. Those other 8 games MLB is sitting him for… he’ll be sitting around, spitting seeds and chilling. You know, just like he would be anyway.

You can’t suspend a starting pitcher the same way you do an everyday player. That teaches no lesson. That’s no justice.

The last time he cleared the benches, Ventura got 7 games. Did it look like he learned from that? There’s no difference. He went right back to staring dudes down and snipering them when he doesn’t like them.

And why won’t he do it again? Because he’s missing one start? Who gives a damn. You know he doesn’t.

Where’s the deterrent in that. Look, for Team Content – it’s great. We here at TC love this guy. We love a good baseball fight. But that’s because we’re not the ones getting hit in the back with 99 mile per hour heat. We don’t have to run out and protect this guy like the Royals do.

And if MLB actually wants Yordano Ventura to stop being Likes to Fight Guy, then they’ll actually give him a suspension with some teeth one of these times.

If Manny Machado is missing four starts, so should the guy who started the whole fight. And you can go ahead and start the clock until Yordano loses his next fight.


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