Somebody get Urb Meyer a cold one, because the Horseshoe is selling booze.

I can’t sit here and pound the desk with outrage because Ohio State has decided to start selling beer this Fall in their stadium. I get that there was once a certain sanctity in college stadiums, and there’s a backwards message in there somewhere about selling alcohol at an institution of higher learning.

But stop the indignation. Rip your head out of the sand.

What – now that the stadium is installing some beers taps… the undergrads might get their hands on some beer? You think they weren’t before?? I think most people who are angry that alcohol isn’t banned at college games… are people who went to college when alcohol was banned in AMERICA.

I don’t see this as safety problem. No kid is blacked out by waiting in a 20-minute line to pay for keg beer. No frat bro is getting alcohol poisoning from 12-ounce domestics. Problems don’t start in the beer lines at a stadium. They start outside the stadium.

If you’re worried about drinking on game day- then look for the handles of fireball in the parking lot. Or the trallevers of Makers they’re smuggling through the turnstiles in their crotch.

Again – long beer lines, with expensive prices and caps on how many can buy…isn’t exactly a loaded weapon. It’s not like they’re setting up ice luges or hiring Shot Girls to work the student section. I don’t think there are going to be vendors roaming the Horseshoe screaming GET YA GOLDSCHLAGER HERE! ICE COLD EVERCLEAR, WHO’S THIRSTY!

And you can’t slam Ohio State for cracking the seal on this thing, being the first to serve beer and inspiring others. They’re not the first. They’re not even close. And those others have already started. Texas. West Virginia. Louisville. Minnesota. You can beer up at all of their games.

And again, you can vodka-up outside of any stadium, anywhere. I don’t see this as a safety thing, I see it as a making money thing. Are Ohio State students and fans going to be hammered? Hell yes. But so is every other stadium on a Saturday. The Buckeyes are just the latest to do it. Jump ahead 5 years you won’t find a stadium that DOESN’t do it. They are now the champs of the Big Ten AND Budweiser.


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