As The Stanley Cup returns to the Steel City, I’m just not feeling any kind of Conn Smythe controversy. I’m not going to jump on the hate train because the award went to Sidney Crosby. No, he did not score a goal in the Finals. Yes, I’m fine with him still getting the award.

Because it’s not a Finals award. Google before you tweet. It goes to the player most valuable to his team during the ENTIRE PLAYOFF run. Crosby did not get the award because of his name.

This isn’t like Pinkie Mallard winning the Super Bowl 41 MVP when he threw for 1 touchdown. This was Crosby leading the Penguins for 4 straight series.

And not with his crazy skating and scoring. He did this thing with grunt work. It felt like he blocked more shots in this playoffs than he has his whole life, he was nails on face-offs, the guy even called a game winning play in OT to take Game 2.

He got jumped every single shift during the Finals, he was getting cross checked and punched in the head. He still didn’t have one moment of weakness, he didn’t attempt a LeBron stepover, he still had 4 assists and I have no problem with him winning it.

Sure, Phil Kessel was awesome. He could have won the thing too. But Crosby didn’t win it because he has a bigger name. He won it because nobody meant more to their team.

Forget being the best scorer of the era, Crosby is the best PLAYER of the era, and I’ve never seen him play better then he did in these playoffs. Best hockey of his life.

The Pens get the cup. The Kid deserves the Conn Smythe.


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