Take nothing away, what Bron and Kyrie did was incredible in Game 5. But is it sustainable? Do you really expect them to double up and go 40-40 in Game 6 as well?  And then chase that in Game 7, on the road. Very hard to imagine.

“These two dudes need to go out and both get 40” – is not a strategy. Especially since Draymond Green is back on the floor Thursday night. And neither of those guys are getting 40 if he was out there last night.

Fact: Those two dudes went off because they had crazy hot hands; and the biggest reason they got crazy hands is and because Bron’s crotch GOT those hands.

We’ve been talking about this all year- Draymond might be the most versatile player in the NBA not named LeBron. Defensively- he locks up dudes. Offensively- he hits shots. And Psychologically- he gets inside domes.

I don’t’ want to wet blanket Cleveland, but don’t’ convince yourself that Draymond not being out there only made a slight difference. It made a HUGE difference.

And nobody else on your team made ANY difference. I think Draymond had more impact on that game from his luxury box than Kevin Love or J.R. Smith did on the actual floor. The Cavs beat maybe the greatest team ever with two ninjas and one rebounder named Tristan. You honestly think they can run that back when Draymond comes back? No you don’t.

Love is barely in the building. J.R. is mentally off in a club somewhere. And Rich Jefferson looks like the only guy off the bench who really cares.

They didn’t win that game as a team. They won it as a tag team. Their bench was just a bunch of rich guys with courtside seats.

Draymond goes nearly 40. He holds them together. He’s the emotional leader. And the Cavs aren’t playing pop-a-shot and attacking the basket at will, when he’s out there.

If no two teammates have gone for 40+ in Finals history, it’s not happening two times in a row. Let alone 3.

Bron and Kyrie cancelled the party on the Warriors. But unless the other Cavs show up for Game 6, Cleveland’s going to be hosting it.

Again. Incredible night – but no way in hell can the Cavs expect that lightning to strike twice, much less three times.


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