Party cancelled. Parade postponed. The Warriors just got tag-teamed and the Cavs are coming home.

Last night the Splash Bros could have peaced out in the 4th quarter, walked across the parking lot and kicked it with Draymond at the A’s game. Call it a night with a hot dog and a beer, because they couldn’t do jack about Bron and Kyrie. None of the Warriors could.

In fact if the series comes back for Game 7, the Warriors may have to set up a floor across the A’s infield, because Oracle is no more. Uncle D and LBJ just burned that barn to the ground. It’s gone.

Yeah I think when the seasons’ over, it’s time for Bron to find Kyrie a spot on the Banana Boat. Just slide WOW up a spot and let the guy on.

In fact – slide him to the back. Because LeBron has never had a winger quite like that. At least never had won that had a night like that. Certainly not during phase 1 in Cleveland. And not even Wade in Miami. I don’t even think he got that kind of lift from anybody in the OLYMPICS. Because make no mistake- last night Kyrie was no “Sidekick.”

Again, don’t get this twisted. LeBron had an unbelievable night. One of the best of his Hall of Fame career. He came out aggressively, shooting it as well as he ever has from the perimeter, attacking the basketball and generally playing downhill. Generally, finally, showing up like LeBron James is supposed to. And he did it after he took a pounding for his act during and after Game 4. In short, he manned the hell up. Credit for that.

But even with all that, we’d probably not be having this conversation if not for Irving. The Cavs are alive because LeBron had a true co-headliner for the first time in his life. Kyrie was no Boy Wonder, Nicky Parsons, George Constanza or Chewbacca. He wasn’t even Scottie Pippen. He and Bron were Mick and Keith, Slash and Duff, Kirk and Spock, Key and Peele, Mike and Chael, … Klay and Steph.

If I told you two dudes went for 41 apiece in Game 5 last night, you’d know it was the Splash Brothers and this series was over. And you’d be wrong.

What Bron did last night was brass. Walking into that house of hate, and playing one of his career’s best games… That’s big time stuff… That’s face of the league stuff… That’s “I’m no bitch” stuff… You know what that is? That’s striving for greatness. But we’ve seen that before from him. We didn’t really know if Kyrie had that in him. At least not on this big of a stage. And neither did the Warriors.

This dude didn’t just get a hot hand. He got it all night, from all over the floor, and there was nothing Golden State could do about it.

Klay Thompson is one of the best edge defenders in basketball, he’s got a big height advantage over Kyrie, and the Unc was dropping 3’s right in his face from wherever he wanted. It was the best Splash Brother’s impression I’ve ever seen.

It was the baddest winger Bron has ever had. It was the biggest win in Cavs history.

For once, Game 5 wasn’t about groin shots. It was about Cleveland dodging a killshot.

Question is, can they dodge two more. LeBron and Kyrie were unbelievable. But can they do it two more times? Can they sustain that? They’re going to have to if the Cavs are going to do something that has never been done before. Come back from a 3-1 deficit in the Finals.

And as tough a night as that was for the Warriors, and while the Mo has swung back to Cleveland, its still Golden State’s serious to lose. They trailed OKC 3-1; I don’t think they’re sweating being up 3 games to 2 on Cleveland.

I’m staying with the prediction I made before he series started: Golden State in 7.


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