We all laughed when we heard that Darren McFadden fractured his elbow in a quote “Home accident” over Memorial Day weekend. And then we all tried to guessed what it was: he got drunk and fell down the stairs? He hopped on a hover board and ate it hard? With this guy’s injury history, a home accident could be anything. But it turns out the dude got hurt trying to be a hero.

McFadden busted himself up, attempting to save his phone. Cowboys running backs coach Gary Brown told the tale “He was trying to keep his iPhone, his brand new one, from hitting the ground and cracked his elbow.”

I’ll just say it – this changes everything. This was not a stupid moment. This was a human moment.

Because no human alive can drop a brand new iPhone and not sell-out trying to save it.

Don’t tell me he’s rich and can buy a new one. That wouldn’t fly through your head when that pristine, flawless brand new screen is plummeting towards the concrete. That thing is your baby.

Even if you’re not a professional athlete- you turn into one when you drop your phone. Who hasn’t instantly become Dominik Hasek and made a clutch kick-save to keep their phone from banging screen-first into the linoleum.

Who hasn’t left their feet and laid out like Desmond Howard to save one? I’ve seen dudes drop their phone mid-call in the restroom, and throw their hip into it just to save it from splashing in the urinal.

When that phone falls, time, fame, and money all disappear. You do what you have to do to save it.

A billionaire could get his elbow bumped on the deck of his yacht and dive off a 200 million dollar boat to save a 500 dollar phone.

Darren McFadden has fumbled 17 times in his career. And I bet he never tried to recover the ball on any of them harder than he tried to save that phone.

Let me remind you: my man left it all on the field for a brand new IPhone S. That’s not a some stubby ol 4 we’re talking about.

The only flack Dmac should get for this… Is a bit of the college freshman fumbling treatment. He needs to carry his phone at all times, workout with his phone, sleep with this phone, and all his teammates should try to slap it out of his hands in the hallways just to re-teach him proper phone security.

Personally, never mind his fractured elbow, I want an injury status on that iPhone. Did he save it or not? Sure, he had to have surgery on his elbow. But if it saved him from having to hit the Genius Bar, Darren McFadden is a hero.


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