Can somebody up in Seattle get Peter Carroll to lighten up a bit? Everybody wants to see Nate Robinson on an NFL field. Everybody knows it’s a long shot. But we’re all rooting for an NBAer to play pro football- especially one who goes 5’7 and used to jump over 7 footers.

But Peter’s just blasting us in the face with no spoiler alert. “I think it’s all but impossible.”

Hey Pete- what’s your deal? It’s June, dude. At least lie to us a bit and say he’s got a chance.

I’m sorry- are you guys going into Lambeau on Sunday? Then who cares- let the dude run around for a while and show off his hops.

Pretty sure you don’t have to get down to the 53-man roster by tomorrow. “Football’s an option he wants to investigate. He’s a great kid.”

Translation – no way in hell is this happening. He should investigate the parking lot and drive the hell outta here.

Pete, you saw the guy workout one time. This is a little dude who convinced an NBA team to sign him EIGHT Times. Maybe he’s gotta little something that’s worth keeping around for 5 minutes before you say it’s impossible.

Aren’t you the guy who loves to keep the team loose with zany hijinks? Didn’t you once have LenDale White throw a dummy off a building because you thought it was funny? Didn’t you once have cops pull your own player out of a team meeting as a prank? Didn’t you once try some real unfunny nonsense with Will Ferrell? Then how about you actually try something cool for once and let a 3-time slam dunk champion run around and make some plays in training camp.

I’m not asking for Nate Robinson to start the opener opposite Richard Sherman. But everybody just wants him to play one snap of a pre-season game.

You say it’s all but impossible? Yeah, so was you guys losing the Super Bowl on the 1-yard line but you still did anyway. Do the right thing and let Nathan play.


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