Cleveland is 220 years old, and I don’t think that city has had a bigger night than tonight.

Rockefeller founding Standard Oil in 1870 was big. Cutting the ribbon on the Rock N Roll Hall Of Fame in 1983 was huge. But I honestly don’t think any of that compares to the Cavs making their last stand in Game 6.

We’ve gone past the biggest game in Cavs history. I think tonight is the biggest night in Cleveland history. And it begs the biggest question. It’s not whether or not the Cavs will show up. They will. It’s who on the Cavs is going to STEP up? Because somebody has to.

Bron and Kyrie will not beat Golden State two-on-five again. That’s not going to happen. Because the Warriors missing 19 threes in the second half isn’t going to happen again.

Draymond grubbing Cracker Jack with Marshawn isn’t happening again. Kyrie isn’t shooting 70% again. And LeBron may beast out, but he’s not going 41, 16, 7, 3 and 3 again.

If you’re expecting any of that, you’re going to be disappointed again.

So who in the hell is going to step up and help them? They don’t even need 3 or 4 guys. They don’t need an entire second team. But they do need a third option.

I just want to know who it’s going to be. The best bet is Richard Jefferson. Old mans’ been game from Day 1. I know he’ll be locked in, I just don’t know if dude brings enough fire power to matter.

J.R. Swish does. But are you really counting on him? Apparently the guy has already decided to become a free agent this summer. That report comes right in the middle of the Finals. Way to stay locked and focused, Swish.

The obvious answer is Kevin Love. At least is should be. But at this point, can you really count on this dude any more than Swish? There’s already an GoFundMe account from Cavs fans trying to raise money to get him benched for tonight. This dude NEEDS to show a sign of life. Bron and Kyrie don’t’ need 25 points from this dude. But they can’t afford him to have 2 again.

If this is going to be one of the greatest days in that city, Kevin Love needs to at least be in the building. Or it’s going to be one of the worst. Yet another Cleveland day that will live in infamy. The day Bron took his talents to south beach. The day you drafted Johnny Football. And the day somebody decided to put Drew Carey on TV.

Somebody… ANYBODY… Needs to step up, or there’s going to be a Warrior party in your house for the second year in a row. And I will pump WWEer Seth Rollins to start tomorrow’s show.

Who’s it gonna be, C-Town? Who’s it gonna be?


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