No need for Twitter coal miners to bust out their pick axes and try to extract some embarrassing old tweet from Carson Wentz’s timeline. He’s doing all the work for them.

Because his tweet yesterday sounds like something a college freshman with 68 followers would drop. Not a supposed NFL franchise quarterback.

This tweet did not come from his days at North Dakota State, it came from his time in a New Jersey gas station bathroom. “Just got locked in a bathroom at a NJ gas station. Praise the Lord for the attendants w/ the garden shears & the other guy w/ the leg kick”

My man… Why would you share that? Carson Wentz you are now the face of a major company – you don’t’ want to be tweeting out your bumbling mishaps that just make you sound like a klutz. You’re supposed to be saving the Philadelphia Eagles, not getting saved by the dude working the gas station.

You want to come off like you’re in command, you’ve got everything under control, you’re a leader. Even Sam Bradford wouldn’t need rescuing in the gas station commode.

This is called “oversharing.” I get that Wentz is 23, and nothing truly happens in your life until you tell the Internet about it. But dude, pick and choose.

Nobody likes an over-sharer. You know… like People that tweet screenshots of text exchanges that aren’t funny. Couples that post selfies of themselves kissing. Ghouls who hit Instagram with close-up pictures of their injuries. Pictures of feet. Pictures of a sunset. And, of course, stories about how a 6’5 230 QB needed two attendants to save him in the rest room.

And if you ARE going to share that story… Dude, share it with video or it didn’t happen. Even worse than telling us that story, is not showing us that it’s true. It’s embarrassing that you needed rescuing, but at least drop a vine of some guy kicking open the door.

I think we can call this his first rookie mistake. It could be way worse. Jameis Winston threw a pick-6 on the first pass of his career, and Carson Wentz needed saving at the Chevron by somebody with garden shears.

I know you’re looking to feed the beast, Carson. Just don’t feed him that. Because that’s not fire. That’s just embarrassing.


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