This morning I hope Golden State fan can do me a favor: don’t blame the NBA when you’re doing the autopsy on your Warriors.

Draymond and Steve Kerr said it themselves last night- the Finals did turn on Game 5. It might have been different if Draymond was out there. But stop blaming the NBA and saying its garbage that he wasn’t.

The guy blasted another player for the 3rd time in 2 series. He could very well have been suspended for the second. He skated. And then he left them no choice with the third.


That was not the NBA trying to extend the series. Adam Silver did not take Draymond’s fist and slam it upside LeBron’s crotch. The Association did not lose the series for you in 1 game. Your own players did when they lost 3 straight games.

Do yourself a solid and don’t spend the rest of your lives blaming this collapse on the NBA. Draymond’s not. “If I don’t put myself in that position, and I don’t’ get suspended for Game 5, are we sitting here champions? Maybe, maybe not… But I’m not afraid to say that it’s my fault. I think it was.” It definitely was.

Just like it was his teammates fault for not winning without him. And everyone’s fault for coming up that small in the fourth quarter, at home, in Game 7.

There’s no asterisk on the Cavs title for Draymond’s suspension, any more than there is on your title last year from Kyrie’s injury.

Your guy who had to sit out Game 5? He dropped 32 points in Game 7 and the Warriors still couldn’t’ get it done.

Don’t be bitter. LeBron and the Cavs were just better. I know this loss feels like a punch in the face, but it didn’t happen because of one shot to the grapes.


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