The City of Cleveland is the City of Champions because LeBron Raymone James just delivered.

You may not like this guy. You may think LeBron is the biggest tool alive. I know this – he’s the best basketball player alive.

And if you were waiting for him to dis-engage in Game 7, to cramp up, zone out, and choke in the biggest game of his life… that didn’t happen. He closed. He finished.

He finished the Warriors. And he finished the pot-shotters.

Dislike him as a guy if you want to. But there’s really nothing you can say to slight him as an athlete, that isn’t just going to blow up in your face.

He’s a fake tough guy? He brought a championship to Cleveland.

He’s a flopper? He brought a championship to Cleveland.


And take a quick look at how he did it: By beasting through a 3-1 Finals deficit for the first time in history. By beating a team that won more games than any team in history, with the two best shooters in history, who hit the most 3s in history.

Not once did the Warriors lose three in a row. These Cavs beat them three straight and got two of them on the road.

Go ahead and roll your eyes at Bron’s preaching about “nothing is given, everything is earned” in Northeast Ohio – but that’s exactly how he just rolled.

No title has ever been earned more. This series was OVER. 3-1. Plan the parade. Start drafting your tweets. Turn out the lights. And then it’s like LeBron just changed his mind. Nah, that’s not happening. 41, 41, triple double, Championship.

You want to see a guy earning it? LeBron led BOTH teams in points, rebounds, assists, steals and blocks for the series. It’s basketball insanity. It’s science fiction.

I get that a lot of people are put-out that he finally did this. After Football, basketball, baseball – I think that “Cracking on LeBron” is the 4th major sport in this country. Last night that league got contracted. Anybody still trying to play in it just looks desperate. The guy pledged to bring a championship to Cleveland, and he freaking did it. And he did it in the hardest way possible.

It doesn’t matter if you love it or hate it. It’s time to accept it. LeBron didn’t just strive for greatness-  he got it.


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