Quick creative suggestion for Cleveland. When you start hammering out LeBron’s statue, it should be an image of LeBron nearly banging his head on the backboard with that chase down block. This thing was 6’8 250 Shakespeare.


That’s the once in a generation highlight that gets the “The” treatment. The catch. The shot.

Cleveland, you practically invented it- the drive, the fumble. Now it’s all about THE BLOCK. Our grandkids are going to be playing that thing on their iPhone 20s.

The time way back when a guy who’s 31, looked 21, and elevated from the logo to spike a go-ahead bucket right off the window. And he did it when every dude on the floor looked gassed, when the shots were going off the front of the rim, and LeBron was closing a 7-game series in which he played 45 minutes a night.

It would have been so easy to jog down, hope he misses, and grab the rebound. Instead- he ends up having to duck the bleeping backboard so he didn’t knock himself out.

We’ve been watching this guy long enough, you start to think -you’ve seen every physical feat from a guy who won the genetic lottery. And then you see him get up so high he could have blocked that shot with his knees. By the time his feet hit the floor, LeBron had accomplished the impossible – he actually did something that’s Un-Hot-Take-Able. You could not see that block and try to be a troll about it. There was no contrarian joke, no sarcastic tweet. 100% pure, organic, grass fed Holy Bleep.

The only takes on that block – were: Bigger. Faster. Stronger. Better. That was a 52-years-and-counting block.

Drop him into with cartoons and CGI – he won’t even do anything that crazy in Space Jam.

He left the floor, the entire word left the couch. No need to thank me- but when the Bron statue gets bronzed, it should be the image of The Block.



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