Say it with me, America: CHO-MAHA. CHO-MAHA. CHO-MAHA.

I’ve been saying it nonstop. It’s that song I can’t get out of my head. Because I don’t want to. Because I just watched my mighty Gauchos of UC Santa Barbara slay The U.  Gauchos 5. Canes 3, baby.

Who’s NEXT?

Of all the schools to take down – the freaking U?? Honestly, if you told me my alma mater was beating The U in a major sport, I’d have guessed it was Beer Ponging, Flip-Cupping, Ice-Luging or Couch-Torching.

Shout out the brethren of the U-  My man, Michael Irvin, where you at? What up Ray Ray? QB Killa, Private Winslow, Shockey, Janky Spanky, – scoreboard, look up at it!

Now, I can’t lie- I wasn’t feeling great when Miami’s Zach Collins launched one about 600 feet to dead center in the first inning. I had a quick flashback to NCAA tournament experiences, where I get all jacked up to watch the ‘Chos – and then they get their heads kicked in by some factory who’s there every single year.

But you know who didn’t feel like that? Every dude out there for UCSB. These dudes didn’t trip for a second. You beat Louisville to get in the college world series, you’re not afraid of anybody or anything. The U could have hung 10 runs on the board in the first inning and The Chos wouldn’t have blinked.

They don’t’ care. Put the San Francisco Giants out there, and these kids will battle them. Need to beat Louisville in the bottom of the 9th? Put in freshman Slammin Sammy Cohen and he’ll jack one over the fence with the bases juiced… Need clutch knock to beat The U? Put in pinch-hitter Ryan Cumberland, who’d been puking his guts out with the flu all morning. Doesn’t’ matter.

They waited out a rain delay, they played some West Coast ball. They scrapped, they won, and then they partied. Well, at least the hammerheads did. And so did the rest of us. Of course we did. We’re Gauchos, that’s what we do.

Beat Arizona tomorrow night, and the Gaucho faithful will turn Omaha into Isla Vista. And to be real for a just a minute; it’s killing me that I’m not there to witness it. And experience it.

And this is personal to me. I was watching the game yesterday, and Kyle Brandt came into my office and said, “Dude, what the hell has gotten into you?  I’ve never seen you act like this over a sporting event!” Truth. I’ll own that.

I’ve said it for years- I don’t root for any team. I don’t’ care who wins. I watch games because It’s my job. To quote every movie ever – it’s not personal, it’s business. Except this. This is personal. I feel like I was right there in the dog pile with them.

I didn’t go to Miami. I didn’t go to Ohio State, or Alabama. I don’t know what it’s like to slay titles and win big games on national TV every year. The Gauchos don’t do this every single year. The Gauchos finish every single beer. But now we just finished the U. They’re going home. We’re staying in Cho-maha.

And if you think it’s lame that I say, WE. I don’t give a damn. Just wait to see how I roll if we win again.

I love these guys. They’re my favorite athletes who don’t’ have four legs and a saddle. One more win and I may have to jump a jet to Omaha.

I’m honking this team, I’m not ashamed, and just wait til you see your boy in the stands on ESPN with his shirt off and his chest painted.



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