So what’s the post-mortem on Golden State? And after making history for both winning during the season, and then for losing during the Finals-where do you go from here if you’re  the Warriors? Just like everybody else — by going out and getting more players.

Owner Joe Lacob has taken plenty for telling the New York Times in the Spring that the Warriors are “light years ahead” of every other team in how they go about things, but as it turns out they have the same recipe as 29 other teams. More stars. More shooting. More scoring. More money.

Of course they’re going to pursue Kevin Durant, everybody is, but according to the San Jose Mercury News – the Warriors Plan B is landing … Dirk Nowitzki? I don’t like it. And I don’t see it.

Because adding more perimeter fire power is not the answer to the Warriors problems. Because they don’t even really HAVE problems.

Why sign Kevin Durant – because they need a shooter? They have the two best in the world. Because they need more scoring? They scored 114 points a game. What’s the goal here- to get Durant and score 140? It won’t happen. He needs a ton of shots, and every KD shot is one that he’s taking away from Klay and Steph. Same deal with Dirk.

I love Dirk. We all love Dirk. But c’mon – Golden State doesn’t need a 38-year old shooter who doesn’t play a lot of D, and who barely had more rebounds this year than Curry.

Again – I don’t see it. If anything, the Warriors need a Steven Adams type. Never mind more shooters. What’s missing is a guy who DOESN’T shoot. Who can’t shoot. A goon. A brute. They have Ferraris in the garage already. If you want a new ride that badly, throw down for Hum-V.

But I’d be fine if Golden State didn’t do a damn thing in the offseason. You know what they should get in the offseason? They should get MAD. Because what they really “need” – is for Draymond to stop crotch punching. For Steph and Klay to show up in the 4th quarter of Game 7. For Andy Bogut to not get his knee bent in half. For Iggy to not get his back blown out. For Harrison Barnes not go to blind. That’s’ what they needed. They didn’t get it.

I get that they’re bent. But they’ll be back. They’re still loaded. If it’s not broken, you don’t need KD or Dirk to fix it.


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