It wasn’t a dream. We weren’t drunk. We weren’t concussed. Cleveland really did win a world championship. They’re still celebrating it. We had a guy on the phone yesterday crying about it. And the messiah who delivered it went on Instagram and had something to say about it.

LeBron got on Instagram and joined the How-You-Like-Me-Now Hall of Fame with a post that referenced every rap, and every bit of hate ever directed his way.

A guy who swears by taking the “high road” just went all in with a, tell me how my bleep taste? Because he can. Because he just delivered a title to Cleveland. Which means he can pretty much do or say whatever he wants. And because he’s right.

All the slights he brings up look ridiculous now.

Quoting from his post, “They said u lost a step, wasn’t as explosive as once was” – The guy elevated from around half court to block that shot, so I guess not.

“You don’t’ have killer instinct.” He attempted to kill the entire Bay area and end the series with that dunk in the final minute. And when he hit the free throw, it happened.

“He got the coach fired” He did, and how’d that work out? LeBron’s about to be on a Cleveland parade float. Dave Blatt’s in a Turkish Best Western.

What else? Quote, “Won’t work between him and Kyrie”. It worked for 41 points apiece, and in games 5-7 they worked together as the best two players in the series.

“Going back home is the worst mistake in your career.” No it was the best move of his life. Even if he never wins another title, getting this one in Cleveland means 10x as much as the two he won in Miami.

He nailed it. And I can’t crack him for making this Instagram post- because of what he just did, and how he just did it.

I said it yesterday – you can’t really crack him for ANYTHING. How Do We Like You Now?  -better question, how can anyone NOT like what you just did? Anybody who is slamming LeBron this week is doing it for internet heat and retweets. They’re just playing the tired game of finding something universally true, and going the other way.

Carving LeBron right now is like me saying Children should go to cockfights, Dads want their daughters to be in Porn, and Fonzarelli told Potsie he’d jump the shark.

Post-Finals LeBron has come a long way from losing in Miami and rolling like this.


That was the biggest bag move of all time.

But this LeBron just won a title with a triple double on the road against a 73-win team after being down 3-1. He can wear the Ultimate Warrior shirt. He can rock the sipping Kermit lid. This dude can hit the Parade wearing a crown if he wants to.

Keep hating on him if you want to. I won’t stop you. But this week, I’m not going to join you. Because he proved everything and everyone  wrong. And the reason he can Instagram it, is because he earned it.


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