LeBron went on Instagram to flex his biceps after winning a title. And Dwan-yay Wade jumped on there to argue about a title he won ten years ago.

In a rambling post that nobody was looking for, Wade banged away on the keys about the 2006 Finals officiating controversy. He starts, “There’s a lot of coverage on the 2006 NBA Finals right now..”

Let me stop you right there. No there’s not. I’m looking at my studio phone screen- there’s not one call on there about Heat-Mavericks from ten years ago. You know when the last time I got a call about that series was? Ten years ago. I’ve got no e-mails about it. I don’t see #SMH06FINALS trending.

Looking at my guest screen: I’m not bringing on Jason Kapono, ‘Twan Walker, or White Chocolate to talk about that title. Because nobody’s talking about that series.

The guy has 6.9 million followers. Guarantee not one of them was asking about it. WOW saying “there’s a lot of coverage” about that topic, is like the Tweeter who writes – A lot of you been asking for my thoughts on this Independence Day sequelbut then you search his mentions and nobody has asked him jack.

And then WOW rants on about how some calls went his way that series, but that’s basketball, and so on and so on… who cares?!. If I didn’t know better, Dwon, I’d say it’s almost like you saw your bestie win a title in Cleveland, and now you’re trying to get people to stop looking at him, and start looking at you: thought the best way to do it, was to create some kind of false hype from a title you won in a different lifetime.

And… the only thing less interesting than arguments about referees, are arguments about some referees back in 2006. One thing to throw up an old Memory Lane pic on Throwback Thursday. Thats’ what Throwback Thursday is for right? For aged out dudes to remind their followers that they used to be cool. And as usual, it’s not that cool…and in fact, it looks really desperate.

We remember you used to be amazing, WOW. We sort of remember a lot of fouls in those Finals. But nobody’s talking about it. And nobody cares about something you did a decade ago.

Your BFF just delivered a title to Cleveland after 52 years, this past week. Nobody cares that you got one with a bunch of free throws, ten years ago. Shut it down. Just go home!


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