We’ve seen the King bring a title to Cleveland. And clearly the Zen master is hell-bent on bringing one to The Garden. Because the Knicks have traded for…. Derrick Rose?!?!

Attention New York area schools- Mr. Rose will be there for graduation. And all the boardrooms in the Apple should have a chair ready for him. Of course, so should the Knicks’ bench when Rose is sitting there in street clothes after his knee explodes.

I don’t want to see that happen. But, ow can anybody with the Knicks expect that it’s NOT going to happen? How many times do you need to see this guy down on the floor rolling around? 10?

I mean I’ll give Philip and the Knicks this… Derrick Rose has a really famous name. And “Rose Garden” really works for that punchline tabloid headline. But if you want to get all cute with it, let’s also be honest with it. Derrick Rose is about as far from his prime as Axl Rose.

Trust me – I get the fascination with the old D-Rose. We were all obsessed with a point guard who could do this.


But apparently the Knicks forgot that THAT guy, turned into THIS guy… And never got up.


If Knicks fans want to spin this as a one year rental, for a bad team, go ahead. If you want to get excited about Rose to the Mecca because it’s not like he can make the Knicks worse, and in the meantime he’ll spike some buzz and sell some merch, go nuts.

But don’t try to tell me Derrick Rose is some kind of real building block for the future.

And don’t try to hype him like coach Jeff Hornacek did yesterday: “Derrick is one of the top point guards in the NBA who is playoff-battle-tested.” No he’s not.

He’s not even one of the top point guards in the East. He was the top point guard of 2011. And since then, he’s been the top patient of Chicago area surgeons.

This is the magic that Philip Jackson is getting paid to pull-off? Trading for a guy whose name has become way bigger than his game? It’s like something Dan Synder would do.

And here’s what Philip just did: Traded for a guy who can’t shoot, doesn’t defend, needs the ball, wants to save himself for life after basketball, and couldn’t get along with a star wingman. This dude had a hard time sharing the ball with Jimmy Butler…and you expect things to get easier with MELO??

The only way this could he more perfect is if the Knicks brought the house down and landed Dwight Howard to drop into this crew. I really hope they do.

In the meantime, the Knicks’ biggest acquisitions of this era – are two guys who got famous in Chicago, are getting way overpaid in New York, and don’t have nearly the game that they used to.

I don’t think this will do squat for the Bockers, but we can all agree that D-Rose, and P-Jacks and perfect for each other.


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